Our story

Affordable Nutrition is a family-run business which specialises in delivering the very best in cutting-edge supplementation and customer support. As former founder and Company Director of one the UK’s largest sports supplements retailers we’ve spent over 25 years studying and selling performance nutrition and have nearly 30 years experience in high level training and bodybuilding competition.

We stock only the finest engineered sports nutrition. Absolutely no ready-made imported capsules with zero quality control and over inflated prices, just the highest grade products available in research proven servings. Supported by a NO COMPROMISE approach to the very best in customer service and outstanding value for money!

Those of you who know us can testify to our passion for offering unconditional support (pre and post sales) to get you where you need to be! It’s not work for us, helping to break down boundaries and moving people forward is both a pleasure and a joy. So if you have any questions or concerns be sure to reach out, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Anthony – Propreitor